Project & Infrastructure Finance

a) The PTA Bank provides project and infrastructure finance to public and private sector projects in most sectors of the economies including the following:

Project Finance

i. Manufacturing: Basic metal engineering, textiles and fabrics, rubber and plastics, chemical and pharmaceuticals, leather and leather goods, pulp and paper products, clay and glass products, non - metal minerals and other related sub-sectors.

ii. Agro -Industry: Food and beverages, horticultural, floriculture, sugar and confectionery and animal husbandry.

iii. Mining: Mineral extraction and processing, quarrying and oil

iv. Tourism: Game lodges and hotels, marine tourism and other related facilities.

v. Private Health institutions

vi. Private Education facilities

vii. Real Estate developments

Infrastructure Finance

i. Energy & Power Generation: Hydro, Geothermal, Coal, Gas, Wind and Clean Energy sources / Biofuels

ii. Water & Sanitation: water supply, waterways, sanitation & sewerage systems

iii. Waste disposal & environmental projects: household, industrial and hazardous waste disposal facilities,

iv. Transport: Roads, bridges, railways, airports, seaports

v. Telecommunication: land-based, mobile, satellite communications, cable, radio & television,

b) The PTA Bank assigns high priority to those projects and programmes which:

i. Have high potential for positive regional economic impact by benefiting more than one country and making the economies of the Member States increasingly complementary to one another.

ii. Source and utilize raw materials, equipment and other productive inputs within the COMESA PTA sub-region.

iii. Create and promote intra -COMESA and extra-COMESA trade.

iv. Promote backward, forward and spatial linkages in economies of COMESA Member States.

v. Develop and promote indigenous and appropriate technologies and skills.

vi. Promote majority ownership and management by COMESA nationals.

vii. Promote the role of women in trade and overall development.

viii. Comply with international acceptable environmental protection standards.

ix. Create and expand employment opportunities and other social benefits.

x. Are export-oriented, local resources based and regional in nature.

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