The 31st Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of PTA Bank took place in Djibouti on the 4thand 5thof November, 2015 at the Palais Du Peuple.

The event was attended by Hon. Matia Kasaija (Uganda), Hon. Phyllis Kandie (Kenya), Hon. Tabu Manirakiza(Burundi), Hon. Claver Gatete(Rwanda), Hon. Abdrhman Drar (Sudan), Hon Ilyas Dawalleh (DjiboutiMr. Nikolai Natynchick( PatitetBank – Belarus), Ms. Cao Li(Peoples Bank of China) and representatives from the Ministriesof Finance from Seychelles, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and DRC. .

Representatives of PTA Bank’s Institutional Shareholders in attendance were Ms. Lekha Nair of the Seychelles Pension Fund; Ms. Hope Murera of ZEP RE;Mr. George Mensah of African Reinsurance CompanyAfrica RE); Mr. Gabriel Negatu of theAfrican DevelopmentBank;Mr. Abdul Jivane of Banco Nacional Investimento(BNI);and Mr. John Bosco Sebabi of theRwanda Social Security Board-(RSSB).

The opening ceremony was officiated by the President of Djibouti, H.E. Ismail Omar Guelleh who conveyed Djibouti’s continued confidence and commitment to its partnership with PTA Bank. H.E. Gullehcommended the Bank for itsremarkable performance anditsrecent recognition by the Association of African Development Finance Institutions as the best performing development finance institution.

“We are particularly excited to see PTA Bank’s greater involvement in our country. I have been informed that the Bank approved a facility of USD 4.5 million in February, 2014, to the Ministry of Finance. This money must be used for projects that promote economic growth and job creation.” He added.

Speaking at the ceremony, PTA Bank President, Mr. Admassu Tadesse expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the people and Government of Djibouti for hosting the 31st Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of PTA Bank.

“We are most grateful to H.E. Guelleh, the President of the Republic of Djibouti for gracing us as our Chief Guest at this special Annual Meeting. Thank you for the honour, Your Excellency. Our gratitude goes to Mariam Hamadou, our board member from Djibouti and the officials of the Ministry for making our Annual Meetings here in Djibouti not only possible and efficient, but also most hospitable.” He remarked.

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