Environmental and Social Management System

PTA Bank’s financing and development interventions are designed to create economic value, social development and healthy ecosystems in the tripartite sub-Saharan region. Consistent with its mission to become a world class African financial institution, the Bank is mandated to drive economic growth and integration, through sustainable financial investments and strategic partnerships with stakeholders.

In sustainability financing, the PTA Bank strives to boost both development and financial returns, while at the same time embracing risk-based exposure management. The PTA Bank demonstrates its strong commitment to sustainability through its environmental and social policies (ESMS), standards, and guidelines. The policy and guidelines promote sustainability through a two-pronged approach. It enhances outcomes by mainstreaming environmental and social concerns throughout the Bank’s credit approval stages, an approach that promotes environmental and social aspects as central considerations for all project and trade finance activities; and it minimizes negative impacts by applying safeguards, including identification, monitoring, and mitigation of issues throughout a project’s lifecycle. These policies, which we model after international best practice, are essential to our mission which is to be at the forefront of extending development capital and services to advance regional growth and integration through customer focused and innovative financing instruments.

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Environmental and Social Management System

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