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The Board of Directors has responsibility for the general conduct of the ordinary operations of the Bank and, in this regard, exercises all the powers delegated to it by the Board of Governors to discharge the said responsibility.

The Board of Directors consists of not more than Ten Non-Executive Directors (each of whom is elected for a 3-year term, but are then eligible for re-election) and the Bank's President as an ex-officio member. 

Oliver Saasa
, Professor Oliver Saasa is a holder of a Master’s of Science in International Studies and a PhD in International Economic Studies from Southampton University in the UK. Prof. Saasa is currently a Managing Consultant/CEO of Premier Consult Ltd in Lusaka. He serves on a number of Boards including Stanbic Bank PLC, Stanbic Nominees and the Public Service Pensions Fund where he is a presidential appointee. He has written numerous publications and conducted research on various economic issues within the region. He is the current Chairman of the Board and Director for Zambia, Kenya and Somalia.

,Mrs. Sayinzoga is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Economic Development and Policy Analysis from the University of Nottingham in Nottingham, UK. Ms. Sayinzoga is the Permanent Secretary and the Secretary to Treasury at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Rwanda. She sits on various Boards including the East African Development bank, Fina Bank, Rwanda Revenue Authority and Chairs the Development Partners Consultative Group and several Steering Committees. She is the Non-Executive Director for Rwanda, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Eritrea.

Gerome Masankisi Kamwanga
, Mr. MasankisiKamwanga is an economist and a holder of a Master’s of Science in Mathematical Financial Modeling from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He has over 7 years’ experience in Financial Management gained from DRC and South Africa. He is currently a Senior Advisor in charge of Cooperation at the office of the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is the Non-Executive Director for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Comoros and Sudan.


Mr. Mingzhi Lui, Mr. Mingzhi Lui is a holder of a Master's in Economics from the Fudan University in Shanghai, China and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Peking University in Beijing, China. Mr. Lui is currently the Cheif Representative for Africa, People's Bank of China. He is the Non-Executive Director for China.

bod11Mariam Hamadou, Central Mrs. Hamadou is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Management of Economic Policies from the CERDI in Clermont Ferrand, France. Ms. Hamadou is currently the Director of Economy and Planning in Djibouti. She has over 17 years of experience in Management, Project development and Assessment of policies. She is the Non- Executive Director for Djibouti, Tanzania and Egypt.


Ekue Samuel Mivedor, Mr. Mivedor holds a Master degree in Business Administration from SUNY Buffalo, New York. Mr Mivedor is currenty working as Manager, Portfolio Managment Division, Private Sector Department at the African Development Bank headquarters in Cote D'Ivore. He has more than 15 years of experiance in project finance, small and mid-size companies, microfinance, private equity investments, treasury operations and infrastructure projects. He is the Non-Executive Director representing the African Development Bank.



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